The news that beggars in the Iranian capital Tehran make $1500 a month, five times the official minimum wage, may be a bit surprising. But considering the per capita income of Pakistan and the minimum wages fixed by the government, our beggars also cannot quite be called 'poor either. How modern they are in their tactics would be illustrated by an eyewitness account given below; Last Friday I was approaching the Khalid Mosque for my prayers when a neat and clean young female beggar came in my way, requesting for alms. I asked her, Why dont you work somewhere as a maid rather than go begging like this? She replied Saab Ji, no one gives us a job. I have no money for my midday meal, please give me something. So I gave her some money. As I was returning after my Friday prayers, I spotted her tucked under a tree, talking to some one on cell phone while she sipped a cold drink. -RAFI NASIM, Lahore, May 11.