Force is all-conquering, but its victories are short-lived. Lincoln The uncalled-for reaction shown by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the issue of Faisal Shahzad, an American citizen who has reportedly 'confessed to a variety of charges related with the botched Times Square bombing attempt, has antagonised a vast majority of Pakistani citizens. The secretary of state issued a warning to Pakistan threatening it with severe consequences in case a militant attack was attempted against the US in future. The Americans, who have been harping on a litany of demands including do more, have once again stepped up pressure on Pakistan, despite the fact that several high-ranking officials in the present American administration, as well as military officials, have acknowledged that Pakistan had nearly gone to the limit in the war on terror. Secretary Clintons statement that I think that there was a double game going on in the previous years, where we got a lot of lip service but very little produced, is indeed a serious contradiction to what US Defence Secretary Robert Gates had said earlier. Though doubting Islamabads capacity, Gates maintained: The United States is prepared to provide more assistance to Pakistan in the wake of the attempted Times Square bombing. Earlier, President Barack Obama had also acknowledged the sacrifices that Pakistan has had to endure after being declared as the frontline state in the war against terror. While lashing out at Pakistan, Ms Clinton conveniently ignored the fact that whatever was going on in Afghanistan, and in the tribal areas of Pakistan, was mainly the result of their flawed AfPak policy. History reveals that during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, it was the Americans who poured in money along with arms and ammunition to various Islamic groups and glorified them as mujahideen fighting a 'just war. The Americans also provided these groups with advanced training sessions that enabled them to carry out sophisticated 'hit and run sorties against the Russian troops. When the Russians withdrew from Afghanistan there were nearly four million Afghan refugees in Pakistan, who were left in the lurch by the Americans, burdening the economy of our state. The Americans should have known that they had left behind a mess, and it was their responsibility to clean it up before they retreated to their country. Whats more, they left the Afghans to fend for themselves which resulted in the creation of a lawless country ruled by war lords, who had at their command not only sophisticated American weapons left behind, but also vast areas that produced poppy - a plant that is used to produce heroin. According to an estimate, these war lords earned about $6 to $7 billion by selling heroin to the western countries, which also adversely affected a significant number of people in Pakistan. Anyway, now the American image has changed and they are viewed as an occupation force. Unluckily the Americans, like the Russians, with all their might have been unable to root out the menace of militancy from Afghanistan, despite pumping billions of dollars and sending about 100,000 troops to calm down a fractured society. Surprisingly, Ms Clinton chose to threaten Pakistan keeping in view the background, and the fact that is known to every official in the US administration, that it will be quite some time before normalcy returns in Afghanistan. The US administration must understand that instead of issuing such childish and immature statements a better attitude is expected from them recognising the efforts that the Pakistani government has made to wipe out the menace of militancy from the infected border areas that lie in the worlds most inhospitable mountainous terrain. Ms Clinton instead of heaping the blame on Pakistan should have accepted the responsibility for the mess that was created by successive US administrations in this region when they fought a proxy war with the Russians. It becomes ironic that while the US defence secretary calls for a long-term relationship with both Afghanistan and Pakistan, history is full of examples that proves and subsequently raises serious doubts about the Americans, who will pull out leaving more mess once their strategic goals were achieved in this volatile region. Gates has time and again appreciated the role of Pakistan army that has won the war against the insurgents in South Waziristan and in FATA, in spite of the fact that the Americans denied some weapons, especially night fighting equipment that could have played a critical role in the war against terror. The Americans are fully aware of the cost to fight a guerrilla war because with all their forces and weaponry they were defeated in Vietnam. However, the example created by the Pakistan army proves that with dedication and faith even a conventional army can win a war. One hopes that the Obama administration will soon realise the mistake that has been made by top diplomat of their administration and that they would instead of holding out threats to this country, they will try to extend both economic and military assistance so that the insurgents can be defeated and the menace of extremism is overpowered in the shortest possible time. If this is not done anti-American sentiment that is already high in Pakistan will definitely increase and it will not serve the interests of the Americans, who will then remain stuck in a no-win position in Afghanistan and may face the same fate they suffered during their long and unfortunate stay in Vietnam. Finally, it is expected that the Government of Pakistan will come clean on the issue of Faisal Shahzad and ensure a transparent investigation into the issue before they jump to any conclusions. In case Faisal was linked with any group in this country, it will be the duty of the Pakistani government to go after them the whole hog and try to bring the culprits to justice as quickly as possible. It is in the interest of both the countries to continue to work together and not be carried away by an occasional action of a person or a group, who would be extremely happy if they succeed to harm Pak-US relations because it would then adversely affect the will of both the countries to jointly wage the war against terrorism. The writer is a freelance columnist.