We have been constantly complaining about the outsiders ruling our country. We blame US and IMF and are so consumed by the fury at our policies being framed some place far away. But seeing the recent happening, some of our own self-exiled people also rule us from afar the same way that Washington does. You see, the PM made a casual remark, or announcement if you will, of merely having an intention of reversing the Musharraf juntas decision of splitting the Hyderabad division. He gave no time frame or date of possible action in this regard. But Altaf Hussein of MQM responded in his typical style from London, warning Mr Gilani that he dare not take any decision about affairs of the Sindh province without prior consultation with the MQM. So the most 'capable of his ministers was hurriedly dispatched to London to pacify the MQM Supremo. My goodness, how incapacitated is this 'freshly-empowered PM even after the much-trumpeted 18th amendment? Whether the PM is right or wrong about Hyderabad is not an issue. What amazes me is the language the man from London has used to tell off the chief executive of our country. -AMJAD H. MIRZA, Lahore, May 12.