LAHORE Formed in September 18, 1947, the Americas Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is highly funded and technologically most advanced intelligence set-up in the world. But it also has the biggest blunders and intelligence failures on its credit. Following are the worst intelligence failures of the CIA, which not only defamed it but also humiliated the United States all over the world: Hawaii Operation or Operation AI: 1941 A surprise attack by the Japanese Imperial Navy against the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on the morning of December 7, 1941 brought US intelligence under severe criticism. Korean War: 1950 Among the first analytic failures as CIA failed to provide warnings about the North Korean attack rather assured President Harry S Truman that the Chinese would not send troops to Korea. Six days later, over one million Chinese troops arrived. Military Coup in Egypt: 1952 - CIA in a bid to overthrow King Farouk of Egypt and to halt the spread of communism in Egypt arranged a military coup. At a cost of some $3 million at that time paid by the CIA into Swiss bank accounts, General Mohammad Neguib was persuaded to organize a coup on July 22, 1952. The CIA and the British were delighted with this intelligence coup but it soon emerged that the CIA had been completely misled and Neguib was only a front man for Colonel Gamel Nasser, who took over from Naguib in February 1954. Vietnam War: 1955 - US intelligence failed to gauge the scope of the war, underestimating size, strength, enemy order of battle, infiltration rates, the relative neglect of the Communist Party and its related bureaucracies power that was equivalent to soviet KGB and most notably the failure to predict the Tet offensive mostly due to CIA's lack of success in espionage. Bay of Pigs: 1961 CIA organized Bay of Pigs Invasion in Cuba to overthrow Fidel Castros government. This operation was a complete failure and a major embarrassment to the CIA. The Cuban Missile Crisis: 1962 - During Cuban Missile Crisis, CIA propagated that Soviet Missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to most cities in the United States were deployed in Cuba and more than 40,000 Soviet troops were also stationed there. In reality, it was a plot to attack Cuba, a Soviet satellite, on the behest of President John F. Kennedy who ordered CIA to destabilize and overthrow the regime of Fidel Castro. Indias Nuclear Test: 1974: Despite knowing indo-Soviet relations, CIA failed to even predict Indias nuclear tests in 1974. Iranian Revolution: 1979 - Failing to foresee the Iranian Revolution of 1979 is often cited as one of the most significant failures of CIA. The rise of Ayatollah Khomeni was also completely misread by the CIA as the Shah had fled by January 1979. Invasion of Afghanistan: 1979 - By the time the Alert Memorandum was issued on December 19 by the CIA about Moscow's intent to launch a major military intervention in Afghanistan, the military intervention had already begun. Operation Desert Storm: 1990 Iraq crossed Kuwaiti border on August 2, 1990, quickly overrunning the entire country. Besides Kuwait, the United States was also caught by surprise as pentagon intelligence officers, just a day before the attack, reported that the large Iraqi buildup was a bluff. Post-Operation Restore Hope: 1993 US marines other than a small detachment withdrew after securing peace in Somalia. Soon after American withdrawal the clan Mohammed Farah Adid began an offensive against American forces. 9/11 Attacks: 2001 Failure to forestall the September 11 attacks on World Trade Centre is a major CIA blooper whose consequences are being faced by the entire world at large to-date. CIA has on its credit the failure to adequately prepare the agency to deal with the danger posed by Al-Qaeda prior to 9/11 attacks. Iraq war: 2003 - The CIA's assessment that Hussein possessed chemical and biological weapons was the most recent damaging example. The president, the vice president, Congress and others relied on intelligence produced by Tenet's CIA -- and repeated CIA findings that never should have been presented as fact. December 2009: Major CIA base 'Forward Operating Base Chapman in the province of Khost Afghanistan came under suicide attack killing 7 CIA officers including the chief of the base. The agency failed to have the slightest hint of being a victim of any such attack because of bases security measures.