ISLAMABAD (APP) - Former Law Minister Dr Babar Awan said Thursday that under the Constitution, President of the country is allowed to take part in national politics as being part of the Parliament. According to Article 50 of the Constitution, President of the country can take part in the politics and as per clause-II of the same article Parliament consists of three components including National Assembly, Senate and President. The former law minister was commenting on the verdict of Lahore High Court ordering President Asif Ali Zardari to quit one of his two offices either presidency or the Co-chairmanship of the Pakistan Peoples Party. Babar Awan said according to 1973 Constitution, there was no restriction on President for taking part in politics. He was of the view before restricting President to take part in politics, we have to bring out President from the definition of citizenship as constitutionally, every citizen has right to become member of any political party, He said some elements are unhappy as in present circumstances they feel difficult to use presidency for unconstitutional act to fulfil their nefarious designs. The elements that have objection on Presidents political character, should await till next elections, said Babar Awan. He said unfortunately since 1970, not a single Assembly entered its fourth parliamentary year as President used to dissolve it using his powers bestowed on him under 58-2B of the then constitution.However, the former law minister said the PPP cannot be pressured as people of Pakistan have given it mandate and they are the real strength.