NORTH WAZIRISTAN - At least eight persons were killed when US predator fired two missiles on a vehicle in Datta Khel area of North Waziristan Agency on Thursday morning. Official sources said the US drone targeted a suspected militants vehicle in Sanzali village, which resulted in the killing of eight persons who were alleged to belong Haqqani network. Fear and panic gripped the area as the spy planes were still hovering over North Waziristan territory. After the missile strike, local tribesmen rushed towards the site and pulled the bodies from the mingled vehicle. It was not immediately confirmed that whether those killed belonged to Haqqani network or not. However, the locals said the dead were innocent people. It is surprising that despite protest by the Pakistani authorities, such missile strikes have become a routine matter in the tribal areas. Agencies add: Intelligence reports from the area, which were not confirmed by more senior officials, said the dead included foreigners - a euphemism for Afghan Taliban, Uzbek militants or Al-Qaeda. On Tuesday, a similar strike killed four militants near Angoor Adda village in the neighbouring district of South Waziristan and last Friday eight suspected militants were reported killed by US missiles in North Waziristan. The US strikes doubled last year, with more than 100 drone strikes killing over 670 people, according to an AFP tally. INP adds: At two Afghan National Guards personnel and three tribesmen were killed in an armed clash at Chaman border on Thursday. Sources said that the clash started as Afghan National Guards (ANGs) during search at Pak-Afghan border tried to snatch arms from the tribesmen crossing the border. Upon resistance the ANGs opened fire on the tribesmen, killing three of them. In retaliatory fire, two ANGs were also killed. Another contingent of ANGs rushed to the scene and the clash continued for about one hour. Later, bodies of Afghan personnel were shifted to Khost through helicopters while the bodies of tribesmen were taken to South Waziristan Agency.