The PM while making a speech in the Parliament on 10th May on the Abbottabad incident of night 1/2 May, told the house that a high powered Enquiry Committee under the chairmanship of Adjutant General of Pakistan Army, Lt General Javed Iqbal has been formed to find out the facts of the case. This incident had taken place due to the criminal negligence of the intelligence agencies (ISI), the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Air Force. It is very surprising that the PM has assigned the fact finding job of such an important issue to an enquiry committee which is formed out of the people who themselves are responsible for this lapse. How can we expect true findings from such a committee whose chairman is subordinate to the Army chief? We do not doubt the integrity of a three star general and hope that he would investigate without any fear or favour. But the intelligentsia feel that persons belonging to the departments who are directly involved in this criminal negligence will not be able to do justice with the enquiry. The public want a neutral committee under the chairmanship of a supreme court judge with members having unblemished character. At least once we should be told the truth and all the people found responsible for this negligence should go home immaterial of their rank or status. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, May 11.