LAHORE The government should take measures to decrease the ever-increasing prices of essential commodities, there must be no mini-budgets after the 2011-12 budget is announced, rulers must lead a simple life, reforms in the agriculture sector be announced and the landlords should not be allowed to have over 25 acres of fertile land. This was the upshot of speeches delivered by the speakers at a forum Awami Budget held here on Thursday at Hameed Nizami Hall, Nawa-i-Waqt Building. During the discussion, Sheikh Naeem Badshah represented shopkeepers, Major Zulfiqar spoke on behalf of farmers and Raja Shahjahan for labourers. Aaim Mehmood, while representing female labourers, said that she was not expecting any goods in the budget. She said every month prices of POL products increase along with electricity tariff. She suggested that reforms should be brought in tax system while rulers should lead simple life. She further suggested that a handful amount should be allocated for health and education sectors while female workers should be given loan on easy installments. She endorsed the idea of getting electricity from neighbouring country Iran on cheap prices. Sheikh Mohammad Naeem Badshah, while representing Landa Bazar traders, said that Landa is serving poor people but government has imposed 100 per cent tax on second-hand clothes being imported from Canada, Japan, Korea and America. The pity is that, he said, government has also imposed 6 per cent sales tax on even second-hand donated clothes. He demanded the government to exempt all kind of taxes on second-hand imported clothes. He challenged that he would deposit over 2 per cent extra tax subject the condition rulers also lead simple life and act upon austerity measures. Over Rs 30 million expenditures of PM Yousaf Raza Gilani during recent visit of France is creating anxiety amongst masses, he added. Major Zulfiqar Shah, while representing farmers, said that peasants are the backbone of countrys economy and if government does not increase incentives for the purchase of fertilizer, seed, pesticides and tractors for them, urbanization would start very soon. He suggested the government to confiscate lands of those landowners who have more than 25 acre fertile land and distribute the same amongst landless farmers across the country. He further suggested that the tax money collected from a certain district should be disbursed on the welfare of same districts people, he added. Mehar Imran said unless rulers do not stop taking loans from foreign financial agencies, it would be impossible for them to bring people-friendly budget. Labourers leader Raja Shahjahan said that unless seats for labourers and farmers are not being allocated in parliament, the existing feudal lords would not allow such a budget that would benefit the poor. Qazi Riaz Hussain said that we confess that Pakistan gave us honour, business and everything we wished for but rulers are not giving due importance to the liberty of the country. He anticipated that forthcoming budget would be 'very cruel. Mohammad Mansha Butt expected a 'nasty budget. Mirza Mohammad Sher Beg said that it has become very difficult for common people to run their respective homes. He warned if rulers impose more taxes in the coming budget, people would turn the rulers table in coming election, he added.