LAHORE- Punjab Governor Sardar Ahmad Khan Latif Khosa has turned down a summary from Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif regarding formation of Lahore Ring Road Authority through an Ordinance, raising legal objections. According to sources, the governor sent back the summary to the chief minister on Thursday, with the note that ordinances are issued only in case of emergency and he did not see any such situation at the moment. The governor has also referred to Supreme Court directions regarding issuance of ordinances while rejecting the summary. The governor has also noted that Punjab Assembly was in session and he could not sign an ordinance according to the Constitution. Khosa further noted that issuance of ordinances in democracy is not considered a good practice. The governor has remarked that since the assembly was in session the draft ordinance should be passed by Punjab Assembly and then he would sign the bill. Sources in Punjab Assembly told TheNation that Lahore Ring Road Authority Bill was laid in Punjab Assembly in March this year and the Speaker had referred it to the concerned Standing Committee of the House for examination and recommendations. They further confirmed that House committee had not yet submitted its recommendations to the assembly. It is to be noted that Governor Khosa has already made it clear that he will not administer oath to members of the forward bloc in Punjab Assembly as cabinet ministers if the chief minister so desired any time. The governor, who is also a legal expect, believes that administering oath to members of forward bloc would violation of defection clause of the Constitution which forbids changing of loyalties by the elected representatives. It is also said that PML-N had earlier decided not to give any portfolio to the members of the forward bloc after the governor refused to administer oath to them. .