LONDON (Agencies) - ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat wants to use 'sting' operations to weed out cricketers who are willing to fix matches. Lorgat claimed a 'mystery shopper' style scheme could help identify guilty players as the world governing body attempts to tackle corruption at the highest level of game. He told BBC's Hardtalk: "I thought when this issue came up last year that perhaps we could have a 'mystery shopper'. In other words, some people posing as bookmakers approach players and see if those players report along with our codes of conduct." But Lorgat admitted he faces strong opposition to the idea. "We would have to get the players' federations consenting to it and they of course opposed it and were not happy, they considered it a form of entrapment," he said. Another proposal would give the ICC access to players' bank accounts and assets so that they could be monitored, but Lorgat was even less hopeful of such a measure being put in place. "It is a bit more complex than that, there are human rights issues and legalities to understand properly," he said.