LAHORE The Punjab Assembly on Thursday was clearly divided on the formation of a judicial commission for probing the Abbottabad incident resulting in the killing of the al-Qaeda chief Osma bin Laden. During a hot debate-cum-mudslinging, Minister for Food Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor declared Osama the biggest terrorist and enemy of Pakistan, and the Opposition demanded judicial commission on Kargil, attack on the Supreme Court. To counter this, the Treasury asked for probe into the PIA, Haj and corruption scams. Hence, it turned out to be 'a game of commission-commission which was aimed at scoring point. JUI-F Parliamentary Leader Ali Haider Noor Niazi, who is well-known for initiating a debate by uttering abrasive statements and levelling baseless allegations, started the OBL-killing debate and averred that the country was in shock as it was the biggest event since the debacle of Dhaka. To him, the rulers were CIA agents, while the ruling elite, including commanders, was sleeping when the US choppers were carrying out two-hour long operation in the city. This country is unsafe despite being a nuclear power, he observed. PPPs Muhammad Ashraf Sohna, while condemning the Abbottabad operation, opined that the PML-Ns suggestion for a judicial commission was a show of distrust in democracy. If it has no trust in the government, it should have initiated a long march, he suggested, while implicitly alleging the PML-N for getting booty from the Afghan Jihad and handing over of Aimal Kansi to the US. People still consider the Punjab government as friend of the Taliban, he alleged, while further accusing the PML-N of accepting funds from terrorists. Funds were collected for contesting polls and bringing a no-trust motion against PPPs slain Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Likewise, PML-Ns Mian Naseer Ahmed suggested a commission on other contentious issues. Probe those people who raised slogans like, This (West Pakistan) is ours, that (East Pakistan) is yours, he said, adding that the nation trusted in the judiciary, while these (PPP men) were afraid of the judiciary as they knew that the Abbottabad operation links would be traced to the Presidency and the PM House. PPPs Syed Hassan Murtaza raised the question about the people who attacked the Supreme Court, and demanded probe into it. Those who meet the General (Kiyani) and beg pardon from him during nights, have now rejected the Armys commission, he said sans mentioning names of the PML-N leadership. We are against military and judicial martial laws, he added. PML-Qs Seemal Kamran objected to the PML-Ns stance by asserting that on one hand the N-League talked about supremacy of the institutions, but simultaneously posed distrust in them (parliament). To her, security lapses were a possibility, and she mentioned examples of 9/11, Indian Lok Sabha and Mumbai attacks. Osama was an outsider disowned by his own country, and the real enemies are those who want Abbottabad to be renamed as Osama Abad, she averred. Seeing no end, Ghafoor, who is yet to contribute a single word to legislation and respond to queries during Question-Hours retorted emotionally to the Oppositions speeches. He asserted that at the time of Abbottabad operation, killers of Wana-Waziristan, Jamia Hafsa and nominees of BB for her murder, were taking oath as ministers. Why President Zardari is not revealing names of BBs killers? he questioned. However, this debate remained inconclusive, and might continue in the next session.