A country is sovereign only if it is militarily self-dependent. A country which is dependent for its survival upon its military imports and yet fancies itself to be sovereign is mentally deranged. In the contemporary world, there are only five sovereign nations. The rest of the countries are mock-sovereign. They are simply drunk with delusions of sovereignty. For example, Pakistan imports her sovereignty-whisky from abroad. The whisky injects delusions of sovereignty into her blood. The blood dances with delirium. Every imported F-16 is a bottle of American whisky delusion. Every imported Mirage is a bottle of French whisky full of sovereignty-hallucinations. Right from our birth we have been thriving on our insanity. We must be grateful to our weapon-suppliers. They have been generously supplying us with sovereignty-lollipops. The five sovereign countries - America, Russia, Britain, France and China - owe their sovereignty to their nuclear muscles. However, America has outmuscled the other four nuclear bodybuilders. No wonder, she has become the nuclear Miss Universe. Unfortunately, she is not satisfied with her present universal supremacy. She wants to eternalise this supremacy. In order to eternalise it, she is determined not to allow the non-nuclear nations to nuclearise themselves. She wants to drive the gods out of the heavens and occupy the divine White House. O, descendants of the Founding Fathers, go ahead We must rewrite our textbooks on political science. The revised versions must candidly tell our young scholars at our schools and universities that we are not a sovereign nation. There is nothing scandalous about calling a banana a banana. As things are today, a nation is sovereign only if it has the power of mass destruction at its command. America does not want that the PMD should be available to the countries which at present do not have it. Obviously, the availability would liberate the non-nuclear countries from the bondage of the nuclear powers. But the land of Abraham Lincoln wants to enslave the non-nuclear nations. America fanatically believes that the non-nuclear nations have no right to be sovereign. The only right they have is the right to be slaves to the five-member nuclear cartel. The non-proliferation morality preaches that the nations, which have already become nuclear powers, have a moral right to add new Hiroshimas and Nagasakis to the world map. But non-nuclear nations must not be allowed to become nuclear powers. The non-proliferation is an American version of imperialism. The United Nations Security Council is a despotic organisation. It fanatically believes in the supremacy of the brute force. Five of its members are nuclear powers. In order to express its detestation for its non-nuclear members, it has lustily equipped each of its nuclear members with the veto-hammer. The non-nuclear members are absolutely defenceless against the omnipotent hammer. The Security Council must do whatever the nuclear members want it to do. Though the non-nuclear members are in a majority, yet they are absolutely powerless. Add democracy to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and you get a complete picture of the devastation, which the nuclear power has conferred upon mankind. America is a great advocate of human rights. But she does not regard every Tom, Dick and Harry as human. She holds that there are two radically different categories of humans. There are genuine humans and counterfeit humans. Only the five nuclear powers are genuinely human. The non-nuclear nations only pretend to be human. They do look like humans. But their looks are deceptive. Actually, they are animals in human clothing. Being animals, they cannot be granted human rights. Only genuine humans must have the right to manufacture weapons of mass destruction. The only right of the bogus humans is the right to be eternally ready for their mass destruction by the nuclear powers. The non-proliferation is a conspiracy to perpetuate the military supremacy of the nuclear quintet. If the non-nuclear states love to be permanent slaves of the nuclear powers, the non-proliferation offers them a grand opportunity. They must forthwith embrace the non-proliferation and enjoy their slavery to the entire satisfaction of their nuclear overlords. From the beginning of human history to the Second World War, man had known only two kinds of slavery, the political slavery and the economic slavery. The non-proliferation has added a new slavery to human history. n The writer is an academic.