ISLAMABAD - Reviewing the audit objections against Ministry of Housing & Works, Water & Power and PIA, Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Thursday took some strict decisions and sought details of various objections within 15 days. The PAC committee meeting chaired by Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, asked the authorities to eliminate special counter for parliamentarians at airports and it be converted into counter for senior citizen/disables/mother with infants. The committee asked the authorities concerned to submit a detailed report covering the questions including booking problem, improper management issue, cleanliness and other such matters in PIA, till August. Quoting one of incident happened on May 8 (Sunday) in which passengers faced trouble due to prolonged delay in flight, the PAC order the concerned department to write an apology letter to all passengers and pay back 50 per cent of the fare within 15 days. If such kind of incident takes place in future then as a penalty the salaries of high ups would be cut, the committee stated. Reviewing the audit objection to Ministry of Housing & Works, PAC ordered investigations against the former deputy chairman NAB Hassan Waseem Afzal for irregular appointment in MP-1, which resulted into payment of Rs1.013 million. The PAC referred the matter to Departmental Accounts Committee (DAC) and sought details of this meeting within 15 days. While reviewing the illegal allotments to non-entitled departments, PAC ordered the relevant authorities to submit report within a month. It was informed that total houses with the estate office in Islamabad are 16734 against the requirement of 300,000. It was asked to form committee to observe the details of illegal occupants and matter also be sent to the Standing Committee on Housing & Works. Commenting over illegal occupants due to ministrys apathy, the PAC chairman said that housing ministry has been changed into corruption hub especially in housing allotments. Reviewing the audit objections against Ministry of Water and Power, the PAC observed that Wapda is sending bills to villagers after two or three months just to grab surcharge. The PAC members strongly criticised the Wapda for including TV tax in bills of even mosques. The PAC chairman also expressed displeasure over the absence of Secretary Ministry of Water & Power as he was engaged into secretary-level water talks with Indian delegation. Nisar said that the secretary should have made arrangements keeping in view the Pak-India talks. The PAC members raised questions about overcharging, division of load shedding in different areas, non-availability of material in the stores of department etc.