LAHORE American pressure is just to threat Pakistan. Pakistan should announce the protection of its national interests alike the US. Our leadership should give priority to their country instead of looking to the foreigners. These views were expressed by Pakistani intellectual residing in Washington, Mowahid Hussain Syed and Pak American Gate president Dr Nisar Chaudhry in Waqt News programme Bar Waqt which was hosted by Salman Ghani. Mowahid said unfortunately our leadership was inflicted by the Americans and this leadership had bring Pakistan in current situation. The visit of President Zardari to Russia is not of much importance, the need is to change the path. Those leaders who put corruption on their priority list cannot think of saving Pakistan. The most lethal terrorism is state terrorism which is ongoing in Palestine and Kashmir and what the US has done in this regard. Those who were involved in 1971 incident are now living luxurious lives and facts were not revealed to the nation, and same will be happened in Abbottabad incident. Mowahid said for the global peace, the world especially America must stop abusive language against Islam. He strongly criticised Indian role in current crises. Dr Nisar Chaudhry said Pakistan had never faced such pressure ever in its history. He said the US threats of blocking aid could not destabilise Pakistan.