ISLAMABAD - A petition has been filed on Thursday in Islamabad High Court (IHC) for making public all 'secret agreements with USA, declaring the Abbottabad operation a violation of sovereignty of Pakistan and for presenting the widows of Osama bin Laden before the court under Article 10 of Constitution of Pakistan rather than handing them over to USA. The petitioner, Mohammad Waqas Malik, in the light of Article 199 of Constitution of Pakistan has made Federation of Pakistan, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Foreign Affairs parties in the case. The petitioner has pleaded that on May 2,2011 US Navy Seals troops without having the prior permission from the Pakistani authorities conducted the operation in Abbottabad which was sheer violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan. The petitioner has pleaded that it was surprising that American troops took dead bodies and computer related items with them but left the widows and kids of Osama bin Laden. All the hidden agreements with USA should be disclosed. If any agreement is necessary then it should be got approved from the Parliament, the petitioner opined. It was requested that the concerned authorities should be asked not to hand over widows and kids of Osama bin Laden to USA and should be presented before the court as per the Article 10 of Constitution of Pakistan Moreover, the petitioner has said that there is no formal agreement between USA and Pakistan over the exchange of prisoners. However, Aimal Kansi was handed over to USA illegally and unconstitutionally. Former president Pervez Musharraf had 'sold many Pakistanis to USA. The declared CIA agent Raymond Davis who killed innocent Pakistanis was handed over to USA without any agreement. This acts of the state has raised series of questions whether we are a sovereign state or not, he said. Further, in the petition it was requested that presence and killing Osama bin Laden in Pakistan is still a mystery that is yet to be disclosed. To take the nation into confidence its imperative to conduct an impartial inquiry into the matter. And USA should be asked for formal apology for violating the sovereignty of the Pakistan, he pleaded.