LAHORE-Reacting to Lahore High Court decision about holding of political office by the President, Leader of Opposition in Punjab Assembly, Raja Riaz on Thursday said that his party reserved the right to go into appeal against the decision. I wish the courts could also see presidents sitting in the Presidency in uniform, he observed while talking to reporters outside Punjab Assembly. Raja said PPP lawyers were examining the court verdict, and his party could also go into appeal against the Lahore High Court decision. Replying to a question, he said why those now demanding formation of judicial commission to probe Aibatabad operation did not constitute such a body over Kargil issue when they were in government. He alleged that certain politicians were targeting countrys institutions and warned that they should remain from such conspiracies. To a question about Rana Sana Ulla, he said that Rana had left PPP after becoming a lota (turncoat) while he (Raja) was still with that party.