Rather than solving the peoples problems and taking the country out of its financial, political and administrative crisis, the ruling junta has preferred to reopen the capital punishment case of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Surprisingly Mr. Babar Awan who is said to have celebrated Bhuttos hanging by distributing sweets is now acting as the federations counsel. Though he aims at proving his 'unflinching loyalty to the PPP and gain political mileage, Mr Awan has started his campaign on the wrong foot. The PPPs objective of re-opening this case being to 'declare ZAB not guilty of the offence for which he was hanged, the worthy counsel is concentrating more on irrelevant issues. Babar Awan has started the campaign by making a startling revelation that 'the deposed Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had been killed in custody before his execution. A confused Babar Awan claims that while his fate had yet to be decided Bhuttos 'dead body was hanged following a biased ruling by the court. To defy his claim and to put the things straight I would illustrate the happenings of 3rd April 1979 the last day of Bhuttos life. 11.30 am to 2 pm: Nusrat Bhutto and daughter Benazir Bhutto visited him in the jail and stayed with him for two and a half hours. 7.30 pm: Bhutto got his shave in the presence of Deputy Superintendent Jail and told him 'You will never get such a leader again because you do not require. Only the poor people need such leaders. When suggested to take a bath he declined. 8. pm: When his attendant prepared a cup of coffee for him he remarked, 'Thank you, I am your guest for another few hours, please forgive me. 11.30 pm: Bhutto went to sleep and got up at about 1.10 am. During the last hour a group of officials visited him in the cell. Magistrate Bashir Ahmed Khan asked him if he wanted to leave behind a will? He replied in a very frail voice I.had triedto write. but my thoughts..weresoupset.I couldnot do it. I have .burnt it. As the 'H Hour was coming close the officials wanted to take him to the gallows. He was medically examined by a doctor and found fit. Since Bhutto had observed 10 days of hunger strike he had become too weak to walk. A stretcher was brought in, four guards lifted him and placed him on it. In the meantime a cup of tea which Bhutto had ordered earlier arrived but there was no time to drink it. While lying on the stretcher Bhutto kept his head slightly lifted up. When his handcuffs were shifted from front to back at the gallows he felt severe pain and expressed it by saying 'it hurts me. At 4 minutes past 2 am on April 4, 1979 Tara Masih pulled the lever to complete the act of hanging that brought an end to Bhuttos life. The act was performed in the presence of at least ten officials including the I.G Prisons, a doctor and a magistrate. Mr. Babar Awan please note that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was alive and in proper senses when put on the gallows. It was the man who was hanged and not his dead body. Please set aside the scandal mongering and get down to the real issue. RAFI NASIM, Lahore, May 12.