ISLAMABAD- The lawmakers in the Senate on Friday called for conducting a thorough probe into the May 12 Karachi killings amid voices of some Senators that the government should take back the decision of Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) privatisation. Many legislators on the point of order spoke on incident of May 12, 2007 that killed around 50 people in Karachi when clashes erupted in the City among the supporters and non-supporters of the then deposed Chief Justice of Supreme Court when he was about to land there to address a local bar. The Senators while paying tributes to the martyrs of May 12 condemned PML-Q, pointing out that some responsible persons of the incident were now part of the incumbent regime. They termed it a unique incident in the history of Pakistan alleging that the Musharraf regime of that time was allegedly involved in these killings. The Upper House could not conclude the debate on the Presidential address to the joint sitting of the Parliament on March 22 despite the passage of its two consecutive sessions as the chair adjourned sine die. Abdul Rahim Mandokhel on the point of order said that today democracy prevailed in the country as the result of sacrifices of the people that they gave in Karachi on May 12 lamenting that no inquiry was conducted on the incident as yet. Haji Adeel Ahmed on the point of order said that neither the apex court nor Sindh High Court conducted thorough probes on the incident of May 12 when judges were stopped from entering the court premises. He termed the incident a Black Day in the history of Pakistan said that Pakistanis were killed by Pakistani government on that day.