I was taken aback on seeing large banners hung in Islamabad praising Pak Army and ISI and calling those traitors, who have raised questions about the efficiency and reliability of both departments. There must be some difference between army and mercenaries. No doubt, after May 2 operation, we, the Pakistanis have rubbed our noses in the dust of disgrace. Pakistani government has failed to make clear its position on what US did in Abbottabad which is awful. Uncanny silence of authorities has bred more contempt against them in public. People wonder why more than 60% of our budget is spent on Forces, when they neither have ability nor resilience to combat any rival coming across the border. Instead of admitting fault and stepping down; the management of our spy agencies is shamelessly hanging on with different conspiracy theories. Had this happened in any other part of world, the responsible heads would have resigned immediately. Latitude to the maximum extent has already been given to them, but praising them is, definitely, mockery of facts. An independent probe through judges of Supreme Court must be ordered by government to bring to light the factual position. Only lamenting on security issues would degenerate us badly among respectable nations of the world. IFTIKHAR SHAHEEN MIRZA, Islamabad, May 12.