KABUL (Agencies) - Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on Thursday said India, Pakistan and Afghanistan should work together to end the scourge of terrorism. Peace and security requires all the countries in the region to think afresh in dealing with terrorism. I seriously hope that this is a unique moment for all the countries in the region, so I believe India, Pakistan and Afghanistan should work together to end the scourge of terrorism, said Dr Singh in his opening statement at the Joint Press interaction along with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai here. Singh reiterated Indias firm and unwavering commitment to assisting the Government and people of Afghanistan in areas, which are of priority and concern to them. The President shared with me the political processes underway towards reconciliation and plans of the government and people of Afghanistan to assume full ownership of their security and development efforts. India welcomes and supports these efforts. We have experience in the political and security areas, which we think is relevant to Afghanistan, said Singh. Singh said India is 'not like the US to launch an Abbottabad-like covert operation in Pakistan. India is not like the US, the visiting Indian prime minister said when asked by a reporter if India would launch a similar operation like the US did to kill Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad. Singh also offered $500 million to Kabul in fresh aid in a move likely to raise Pakistani fears about Indian influence in Afghanistan in the wake of Osama bin Ladens killing. Indias development assistance commitment is approximately $1.5 billion, but there are still gaps, Singh told a joint press conference with Karzai. We now have a better idea of where we can do more... We have made a fresh commitment of $500 million over the next few years.