FAISALABAD - Three mosques were martyred while some 50 graves were shifted to other grave yards during an operation against encroachment launched by DCO Naseem Sadiq. As per detail, the district administration during an operation against encroachment bulldozed three mosques situated on the drain of Rajh Bah Sir wala road. These mosques were constructed without any official permission. However, the district administration during the anti-encroachment operation demolished these mosques on the plea that they were working to construct cemented wall on the drain regarding health and other safety measures. The DCO said that they had taken 'Fatwa from Ulema and they as per Islamic directives demolish these mosques because they were constructed illegally on the drain. Moreover, the district administration had scheduled a plan to widen canal road from Pipe Wala Bridge till Madina Town square. The roads would be widened 35 feet. In this regard the concerned officers marked the land of the grave yard of W block Madina town which was added a part of this grave yard as encroachment. Therefore district administration directed the family members of some 50 graves to shift the dead bodies of them to other places. The DCO informed media persons that in accordance with the Fatwa taken by Ulema the graves can be shifted to other places. He said that work to widen canal road from Pipe Bridge till Madina Town square would be started soon while on the other hand many of the people have started shifting the graves to other places. Majority of them from 50 ones marked in encroachment were shifted to other places of the grave yard or other grave yards. Some of the people also protested against the decision and said that they were forced to shift the grave yards after years of their parents and other elders of the family people death. Some of them also appreciated the steps against encroachment and alleged that the responsibility of the all the mess was due to the grave yard administration that enhanced the space of grave yard in means of encroachment. Some people also expressed that this was the first type of anti encroachment operation in their life. People also protested against the grave yard administration as they took steps of encroachment.