WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has sent intelligence extracted from material seized in Osama bin Ladens hideout in Pakistan to several foreign governments, according to US and Western counter-terrorism officials. Among the material being examined most closely is what a US official described as a handwritten manual that American experts believe was penned by bin Laden himself. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, described the manual as a journal of ideas in which bin Laden ruminates on tactics and targets for potential future al Qaeda attacks. The United States and the governments with which it has shared data have found no evidence of specific, imminent plots against US or Western targets, officials said. But as a result of the information seized from bin Ladens hideout, some adjustments may have to be made to security arrangements in countries that received the intelligence, according to a Western official familiar with the data, speaking on condition of anonymity. The counter-terrorism officials declined to identify the foreign governments that have been sent analyses based on the rich cache of computers, thumb-drives and other equipment seized by US Navy SEALs in the May 2 raid that killed bin Laden. But they are believed to include more than one country in western Europe, officials told Reuters. US and other Western officials familiar with the data said it is still in raw form and will need further analysis before it can be fully exploited. The latest analyses of data from the cache are reinforcing early assessments by US officials that bin Ladens hideout in Abbottabad, near Pakistans principal military academy, served as a major command post for al Qaeda and that bin Laden remained deeply involved in the militant groups activities, rather than serving as a mere figurehead. US officials said that so far, whatever plotting the data indicates was underway was more aspirational than advanced to the point where operatives were deployed and preparing for imminent attacks. The only specific plot revealed by the bin Laden material that authorities have publicly discussed so far is a plan allegedly conceived in February 2010 to attack the US rail system by derailing trains on Sept. 11, 2011, the 10th anniversary of al Qaedas attacks on New York and Washington.