HAFIZAABD - Jamaat Ahle Sunnat Pakistan District Nazim Rana M Asghar Cheshti has alleged that both the Pakistan People’s Party and PML-N has pushed the country towards destruction and multiplied the miseries of the masses.

He was addressing party workers gathering here the other day. He said that the decision of his party to launch a movement for bringing a change in the country shaken the people, who had devised plans to rule the country.

He said that they wanted to get rid of the corrupt rulers, who failed on all fronts and used state machinery for their personal interests. He said that Jamaat Ahle Sunnat Pakistan was striving to change the destiny of masses, who suffered badly owing to flawed policies of the rulers. “We will eradicate corruption from the society whenever we come to power,” he added.     –Reporter

The corrupt politicians could not block their way as situation was taking a positive turn with each passing day, he added.