ISLAMABAD - As ad-hocism rules the roost in International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI), for the last one-and-a-half years, the rector has also been sent on leave and acting charge has been given to Vice Chancellor of Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU).

QAU VC Dr Masoom Yaseenzai told TheNation that he has taken over the charge of the university on Friday till further orders until the Chancellor of the university, President of Pakistan, finds a suitable person for the position. Professor Fateh Mohammad Malik completed his tenure in March this year and his tenure was extended by the President Zardari.

He rejected the reports about his forced leave and termed them mere rumors. He said his visit to Italy and other countries was a long due visit in connection with international Iqbal conference arranged by Iqbal Academy Lahore and Pakistan Embassy. Other scholars will also accompany him, he said.

An official close to him claimed that though he would join the institute again, he would not stay longer because as an intellectual and writer the environment is intolerant and un-academic.

However, the sources close to administration claimed that a lobby was against him, seeking his removal due to various reforms he brought in the university.

According to them, some extremist elements were against the initiatives taken by the rector and had been protesting against him. Officials also alleged that Saudi Ambassador was also annoyed over inviting the Iranian Ambassador in the university in a cultural week recently held at the campus. There are rumors at the campus too that the rector had given open statement on various occasions against the Saudi government, their policies that is also one of the major reasons that he has been compelled to leave.

It’s important to be stated here that Islamic countries had a major role in the university since its establishment and still many students and faculty members come from Muslim countries, especially Saudi Arabia. 

They alleged that the followers of Islami Jamiat Talba that has a strong hold in the university protested on holding a mushaira at the campus that were participated by the male and female students. The officials also allege that according to reports of intelligences agencies the students were involved in two bomb blasts that had struck the university in 2009 in which students and officials were killed.

Though the rector claims that he has been targeted for making the environment liberal and academic and for holding various events wherein boys and girls students can participate without any segregation, his opponents also allege that he has been involved in giving out of turn appointments to his favourites due to which many employees have moved the courts.

However, the reported tug-of-war between the extremist elements and reformists in matters concerning administration of the university has only complicated the matters and the higher education continues to suffer in the university, opined an official.

‘The university is being run on an ad hoc basis as the Rector and the President are not regular ones. The Acting President who is a professor in American University rarely visit IIUI. For over a year no development work has been done and no new programme has been initiated, in fact all the work has come to a standstill’ he added.