With the nation facing the worst energy shortage, the government is looking for temporary fixes that can ease the crisis a bit on a short-term basis, ignoring nuclear scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand’s claim for producing 50,000MW electricity from Thar Coal that could last for 500 years, if provided Rs 5 billion. But for unknown reasons, not a penny has been released. Disappointed, Dr Mubarakmand also advocated underground gasification technology, to produce electricity at Rs 3 to Rs 4 per unit and diesel at $40 per barrel. This technology, generating 80,000MW in different countries, is the cheapest in the present scenario of sky rocketing oil prices. But instead of exploring this idea, Energy Member Planning Commission Shahid Sattar says that the gas flamed for four hours and then dropped off, which is countered by Dr Mubarakmand saying that the flame lasted for almost four months. The pity is that an unhelpful government attitude would let people suffer without remorse.