LAHORE – With the improvement of water level in rivers and release of some Rs 7 billion to IPPs, the duration of loadshedding has been decreased.

An official of the Power Ministry told TheNation on Saturday that loadshedding would be further controlled within two days as the government was arranging more money for IPPs.

“The government is likely to pay some Rs 4 billion to IPPs on Monday,” said the official. It is expected that electricity shortfall which now a days was hovering around 3500MW would come down to 3000 to 2500 MW till Tuesday or Wednesday which means four to six hours loadshedding in big cities and about six to eight hours in rural areas of the country.

Meanwhile, Power Ministry Saturday claimed that unannounced loadshedding across the country had been ended.

“The government has started supplying fuel to the closed power plants that improved power generation.

The Friday’s electricity shortfall stood at 3,600 MW,” said the Energy Management Cell. It was claimed that loadshedding duration would be reduced to 6 to 8 hours step by step.

Furthermore, the countrywide irrigation water shortfall has narrowed down to 32 percent from 45 and in the next few days it would further reduce to 20 percent.

Water level  is improving in rivers, which would help to add about 1500MW more in energy basket, said the official.