KARACHI - The sudden policy shift of the government in banning conversions to CNG by local car manufacturers has created a lot of confusion and shattered the confidence of foreign and local investors. A number of leading investors are considering pulling out their investment in this sector and to invest their money in another country, where they can run their businesses with consistent government policies.“We are not able to understand, why the government of Pakistan has made this sudden policy shift and imposed ban on CNG conversion by local car manufacturers, and also intends to rely on costly imported LPG against locally produced CNG that is an affordable and environment friendly fuel,” sources said. They suggested that LPG can only be an alternative fuel for the automotive sector if a pricing policy is implemented with at least 40 percent price difference between LPG and petrol along with government assurance to maintain uninterrupted supply of LPG.“It is a fact that the use of CNG by transport sector has brought in a drastic improvement in the environment of the country and a recent survey report says that environment has improved by 16 percent,” they claimed. They said that gas shortage and safety are the two main issues for all the stakeholders. “These are our serious concerns and we want these issues addressed on top priority basis”, they added.