LAHORE - The PML-Likeminded may merge with the PML-N at the time of elections, a PML-N leader said on Saturday.

Khurram Dastgir, who is also an MNA, said in an interview that the PML-N and the Likeminded would contest the elections on the same symbol. And once they have a common symbol, there would be no problem in their merger.

Meanwhile, PML-Q leader Sheikh Waqas Akram says he is happy that Unification Bloc leader Mian Ata Muhammad Maneka has been left high and dry as a result of deal between the PML-N and the Likeminded.

He said Maneka had hatched a conspiracy against the PML-Q by setting up a breakaway faction and such characters have to face the kind of embarrassment he had to face. He said Maneka had set up the Unification Bloc to escape the implications of the Defection Law.

Mr Maneka said he had not been taken into confidence by anyone before going to Raiwind to meet the Sharifs. Therefore, he said, he saw no justification in staying as provincial president of the Likeminded. However, he made it clear that he had no plan to join the PPP.

PM Gilani had called him from London on Saturday to ask about the details of the alliance between the PML-N and the Likeminded. The leader from Pakpattan made it clear that he would not change loyalty.

PTI leader Sardar Assef Ahmed Ali invited Mr Maneka to join the PTI for a bright future.