Senior military leaders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and ISAF Sunday discussed border control mechanism. According to ISPR the 35th meeting of Tri Partite Commission held here in GHQ in which Pakistan Army contingent was led by COAS, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, while General John Allen, Commander ISAF and General Sher Muhammad Karimi, Chief of General Staff Afghan National Army headed respective delegations in the meeting. According to the security official sources restoration of NATO supplies also came under discussion. The Afghan and ISAF side agreed with the Pakistani side that it was for the government to decide restoration of supplies for NATO in Afghanistan. The supply line was closed after the NATO/ISAF attack against Pakistani posts in November that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in Salala had strained ties between Pakistan and the US. Joint Session of the parliament furnished and submitted its recommendations to the government two months ago demanding unconditional apology for Salala and ending drone attacks. But the US is reluctant to either to seek apology for what happened in November. This reluctance on part of the Washington delayed the restoration of the supply. However, observers believe that the meetings like that of the Tri Partite Commission reveal that the tension between Islamabad and Washington is easing now. After the attack improved coordination among the forces of Pakistan and NATO in the bordering areas was stressed. A spokesman of ISPR said that the Sunday talks focused on border control measures, and mechanisms put in place to avoid untoward incidents on both sides of Pak-Afghan Border. They also decided to keep eyes on the movement along the border while coordinating activities. This was the first Tri Partite meeting after the parliament submitted its recommendations pertaining to restoration of NATO supply and drone attacks. Meeting of the Defence Committee of the Cabinet has been called in on Tuesday that could finalise decision on restoration of the stalled supply. The Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has already said that Pakistan could miss out on the important summit on future of Afghanistan to be held in Chicago on May 20-21 if it fails to reopen supply routes in time. On Saturday the ISAF commander held an important bilateral meeting with General Kayani agreeing on improved border coordination while restoration of the supply to NATO in Afghanistan also came under discussion.