BAHAWALPUR - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has assured the people of Bahawalpur division that the provincial status of Bahawalpur will be restored through the efforts of the PML-N. We will utilize all our resources and energies to get the restoration of the provincial status of Bahawalpur approved from the National Assembly as we have passed it in the Punjab Assembly on May 9.

Addressing a gathering of the PML-N, PML-F and the Bahawalpur Movement workers, leaders, elite of the area here at local Circuit House on Saturday, Shahbaz Sharif made it clear that the request for the formation of a National Commission didn’t meant for the restoration of the provincial status of the Bahawalpur rather it was essential for the formation of new provinces. The requested for the National Commission has nothing to do with the Bahawalpur province issue as it is totally a different case and surely we will succeed to see Bahawalpur again a province very soon,” he elaborated.

The Punjab chief minister paid rich tributes to the last Crowned Ameer of former Bahawalpur State, Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Khamis Abbasi (late) and the first Chief Minister of the Bahawalpur after partition, Makhdoomzada Hassan Mehmood (late) for their meritorious services towards Islam, Muslims, Pakistan and Bahawalpur in different fields and paid them salute over their unforgettable contribution for the betterment and welfare of Pakistan, Bahawalpur and public.

Shahbaz Sharif strongly condemned the PPP regime and alleged that the PPP leadership could never serve the country and public and people had to get rid of the corrupt rulers (Ali Babba 40 thieves). The sooner the rulers ousted the better it will be for the country as the PPP government has ruined the national economy and failed to deliver any good at any front,” he stressed. The Punjab chief minister alleged that the wrong policies of the PPP government had made the public life miserable and asked the people to stand up against the incompetent and corrupt rulers for national cause.

CM Shahbaz remarked that PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif and the Punjab government’s contributions for the uplift of Bahawalpur division stood testimony to the PML-N struggle and sincerity for the welfare and prosperity of the people of the region. We want to see Bahawalpur a developed area and striving for the elimination of poverty from the area as a number of development projects have been initiated to bring Bahawalpur on par with other developed city,” he argued, adding that modern District Headquarters Hospital and various projects in education sector including the establishment of Daanish Schools in Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalpur districts were best example of the Punjab government vision for development of the area.

The Punjab chief minister pointed out that a number of steps for the development of Cholistan and its inhabitants were underway which would revolutionise the socio-economic condition of the people of the area.

He remarked that the PML-N would never hoodwink the masses through hollow slogans or false claims as its leadership was committed to support the cause of the restoration of the provincial status of Bahawalpur. We materialise this dream through strenuous efforts unlike the PPP which has been trying to divide the country on linguistic basis,” Shabaz Sharif claimed.

The Punjab chief minister condemned the former dictator Gen Yahya Khan for his wrong step of 1970 whereby the provincial status of Bahawalpur was denied after One Unit’s division into four provinces. He also paid rich tributes to the workers and leaders of the Bahawalpur province movement.

PML-F Punjab chief Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah, Prisons Minister Malik Iqbal Channar, MNA Mian Baleeghur Rehman and PML-N Punjab Vice President Ch Jaffer Iqbal Gujjar in their addresses termed the resolution for the restoration of the provincial status of Bahawalpur a landmark in the history. They said that the PML-N would succeed in achieving the goal and the credit for this sagacious move go to Nawaz Sharif and the Punjab chief minister.