KHUSHAB - Joining the chorus against worst power outages in the country’s history, PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has given an ultimatum to the government to end loadshedding and said he would himself join the protests, if it failed to resolve the crisis within next two days.

He was addressing a mammoth public rally organised in Khushab as a part of PML-N’s ‘Remove Gilani Movement’ on Saturday. “Over 20 hours of loadshedding have really itched common man,” he said in an emotional tone. Expressing despair about the present government, the PML-N chief said he would not sit idle until the fate of the country had not been changed.

Nawaz said the PPP had done nothing for the masses. “Electricity loadshedding and inflation have made public’s lives miserable,” he added.

“I pledge to change the destiny of the nation and its 180 million people. The PML-N will not allow anarchy in the country,” the PML-N president promised.

On the Supreme Court’s verdict against Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in the contempt case, he said Gilani should resign from the post before appealing against the verdict. “I don’t mind him appealing against the judgment…but leave the post first…and go home before doing so.” Nawaz reiterated that he was not after the chair and only wanted to serve the underprivileged citizens of the country.

Sharif said he had never compromised on national interests and recalled that, as the then prime minister in May 1998, he had conducted six successful nuclear tests in response to five by India – despite an offer of $5 billion by the US president Bill Clinton for not conducting the tests.

He said the PPP did nothing for the masses during its four terms in office of 15 years whereas his party in its two terms of four and a half years made earnest efforts for the socioeconomic development of the people across the country without any discrimination. Nawaz claimed that the PML-N could not be termed a ‘corrupt’ party as it had never resorted to corruption of one rupee.

“The PML-N has always run the country with honesty. Tell me, when Nawaz Sharif was the prime minister, was there any loadshedding for even an hour? This is the difference.”

“Right now, India’s progress rate stands at 8 per cent, while that of Pakistan is 2.5 per cent. During my tenure, the Pakistani rupee was stronger than the Indian rupee, but the situation is different today,” he lamented, adding that he had vowed to change the destiny of the people of Pakistan. “Nawaz Sharif has been working day and night for the sake of Pakistan.”

“I know you all have come here with some hope, to hear what programmes we have for Pakistan to take it out of distress. We want to end loadshedding, inflation and every ill from the country,” the top opposition leader added. He asked Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to increase the amount allocated for the Khushab Package from Rs 500 million to Rs 1 billion.

Staff reporter adds from Sargodha: Nawaz Sharif described the youth as the back bone of the party and said they would resolve their problems. He expressed these views on Saturday in his brief address to the workers on his way from Sargodha to Khushab. Nawaz was confident that his party would win the next general elections.

Earlier, a large number of party workers and people welcomed Nawaz with a huge procession as he came out from the Mushaf Airbase.

People showered rose petals on the caravan and chanted “Long Live Nawaz Sharif”.