RAWALPNDI - Social and religious circles have voiced concern over sale of obscene CDs at Faizabad bus terminals.

The bus stands are turned into market of vulgar and obscene CDs by certain anti-social elements as sale of such immoral CDs is on rise therein, said commuters. “You can see vendors are selling such obscene CDs every where at bus stands in their hand driven carts with impunity. They are spreading depravity and moral perversion. They attract the youths and mint money out of their heinous business, said Ghulam Shabbir, a passer-by.

At some carts these CDs are being relayed openly but no one takes to task the elements behind this immoral business, complained a religious leader. As soon as the night falls, the youths throng to this terminal to purchase these CDs and the whole night they enjoy them by wasting tine and money. If this menace is not curbed, we will hold protest rallies soon, said a group of citizens.