RIYADH  - KSA King Abdullah on Friday sacked one of his advisers, an outspoken critic of the sexes mingling outside the home, something banned in the ultra-conservative kingdom. The state news agency published the decree announcing the dismissal of Sheikh Abdelmohsen al-Obeikan, an adviser to the royal cabinet, without providing further details. The move comes several days after Obeikan lashed out at the interaction of men and women in court, accusing the judges of seeking to “Westernise society. Women suffer from gender mingling and harassment in the courts,” said the sheikh, an ex-judge, while demanding the segregation of the sexes in court.

“Some influential people have plans to corrupt Muslim society by seeking to change the natural status of women,” he said, accusing judges he did not name of “wanting to replace justice based on (Islamic) Sharia law with secular laws.”