KARACHI  – PTI Vice-Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Saturday that it was the government of those people who gave preference to vested interests over national ones and to veil their corruption, they disobey the Supreme Court orders. “This corrupt mafia has injected incapable people in national entities which have made these defaulters to the billion worth companies. We consider this government a security risk for the country as it destroyed the country on social and economic fronts. We believe that the days are gone when these political magicians used to fool the people with their grubby tactics.” Qureshi was speaking to the media upon his arrival at the Karachi airport. Sardar Nadir Leghari, Imran Ismail, Firdus Naqvi, Hassan Raza Memon, Ashraf Qureshi, Hafeezuddin, Subhan Ali Sahil, Faisal Vawda, Dawa Khan Sabir, Shahnawaz Jadoon and a huge number of PTI workers were also present. Qureshi further said the present government had sold out the national integrity, blood of its soldiers and civilians to America in the lust of dollars and slavery. “We understand that the government is planning for the resumption of NATO supply which has been brutally refused by the nation. However, if the government against wishes of people of Pakistan will resume NATO supply in the greed of dollars then the Tsunami PTI will in accordance with the wishes of people of Pakistan will hit the palaces of the rulers.” Qureshi also said the government had a fear that the present independent judiciary would unveil their corruption and that was the reason it was confronting the judiciary instead of obeying its orders. The recently-issued Supreme Court orders and non-compliance of the government had made it clear that it was the corruption of the ruling parties that they wanted to hide through the nonconformity of the legal orders. “We will not allow the corrupt government to become to master of the country on the name of democracy. We inform the corrupt political mafia that soon accountability of the corruption and manipulations will take place and each looted penny will be taken back.” Qureshi, then, met with retired justice Wajihuddin Ahmed to discuss the current situation and happenings in the country.Later on, Qureshi met the provincial leaders of the party at the Sindh Secretariat, where while addressing them, he said that after a long struggle of the PTI, the people had decided to support the national agenda and thus the country was heading towards a big change. “People trust Imran Khan and they see him as their saviour.” He was also optimistic on the success of Rawalpindi Jalsa as he said after that rulers of the country will have sleepless nights. Qureshid further said that the youth of the Sindh was with the PTI because they understood that the selfish government had ruined their lives and future, while their own assets were abroad and they and their children were having all luxuries. “The PTI will make Pakistan a welfare state and rule of the law is the only solution to make the country corruption free for the betterment of the masses.” We understand, inflation, joblessness, security, education, health care are the areas need special attention however current government did not bother to work on solution these problem as the Prime Minister and his cabinet was busy in confronting with the judiciary to safeguarded the looted money of one man.Alleged slayer held: An alleged target killer, Zafar alias Kaki, was arrested by police on Saturday. According to police officials, the accused has involvement in the killings of several political workers of the PPP. SSP Central Asim Qaim Khani said Zafar alias Kaki, who was wanted in several cases of robberies, murder and attempted murder, was arrested in a targeted operation in North Karachi. A huge stash of weapons were recovered from him.