FAISALABAD - Speakers at a forum held in connection with the Mother’s Day regretted that the sacrifices and services of mothers are being ignored in Pakistan.

They said, “Why we are in need to built old age homes as our society and religion teaches us to love mothers. The culture of old-age homes is of Europe not ours, we all have to promise our culture. We make a pledged to love our mothers and take care of them as they did in our childhoods.”

The forum was held under the aegis of the Nawa-I-Waqt Media Group. Bureau Chief of the Group Ahmad Kamal Nizami was organiser of the seminar. He in his speech said that there was no substitute of mother in the world. “The personality of a mother is a wave of paradise. We should not only celebrate Mother’s Day but also love our mothers,” he said while throwing light on the importance of the day.

PML-N MNA Khalida Mansoor said that the trend of constructing old age house was against the rights of mothers. She said that we are following Europe to establish. “Even in Faisalabad, it is being decided to set up old age houses which is wrong. About 70% of our population lives in villages where there is no education. We should create resources for education so that our girls in villages can enjoy education and entire society can enjoy bright future because the future of any nation is depends on mothers. Today crime ratio has increased to a large extend in our society and main cause of its is low literacy rate. If we follow our religion we can progress,” the MNA said.

Shahmeem Zafar Rana, a lecturer of Karkhana Bazaar Girls College, said that the role of a mother cannot be ignored. Our holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW said that he who wants to see ‘Kaba’ should see his mother after getting up in the morning, she said and added that mother is a name of love, affection and sacrifices. She also presented poems to pay tributes to mothers.

Nadra Saraj, the district coordinator of Red Cross, said that a mother after going through life and death circumstance gives birth to babies who have their paradise under the feet of their mother. She said that personality of mother is a cold shadow therefore we all should promise ourselves to love and take care of our mothers.

“Be with our mothers’ in their happy and bad times as she was with us in our childhood,” she said and demanded not to adopt and be a part of the culture of old age houses.

Dr Naveeda Shoaib of Sir Sabaz Foundation said that word mother is a symbol of power and relief. She said that the women living in villages work 14 hours daily. Our government and society should also work for their rights, it was said.

She said that in entire world, a mother renders more sacrifices than father and anyone else. She said that joint family system is a complete solution to our problems today so that the role of mother and father both can be highlighted in the society. Afshan Sultan of Hayat Foundation said, “We are living in men dominated society. We celebrate Mother’s Day with men therefore it is needed to aware men about the rights of women and mothers. Joint family system is adopted by even developed countries today but why we are leaving it.  We should promote joint family system for well mannered new generation.” She paid rich tributes to her mother and said that due to low literacy rate many problems and crisis are making our society week.