LAHORE – The PML-Q Unification Bloc (Forward Bloc) will devise an independent political strategy for the next elections, as it has no connection with another breakaway faction of Q-League known as the Likeminded group which made an electoral alliance with the PML-N on Saturday, said Dr Tahir Ali Javed, parliamentary leader of the Bloc while talking to TheNation on Saturday.

However, Mian Atta Maneka, founder of the Unification Bloc told this scribe, “Yes I supported the Likeminded group’s formation with 47 dissident members of the PML-Q and also became its Punjab president but the solo flight of the non-electables of the Likeminded for striking a political deal with the PML-N has left him with no other option than to disassociate himself from the group from this day on”.

Meanwhile, some members of the Unification Bloc speaking to this correspondent on condition of anonymity said that they could think about switching loyalties to PTI and PPP or they could form local electoral groups to contest the next polls as independent candidates if the PML-N didn’t fulfill its promise to award tickets to them.

Furious Maneka said neither Humayun Akhtar Khan nor Kashmala Tariq had any constituency and same was the case with their few colleagues in their faction and claimed that most of the Likeminded just needed an umbrella of support for securing seats in the Parliament, as they didn’t possess a single candidate for the provincial assembly of Punjab.

The worried Dr Tahir claimed that the memorandum of understanding between the Likeminded and PML-N would not jeopardise the political future of the members of the Unification Bloc.

However, Maneka and Tahir who often took a bitter line against each other on some personal political reasons were unanimous on a single point that they would give a befitting answer to the PML-N leadership if any of the Unification Bloc member would be made ‘political causality’ to accommodate someone else.

Tahir in a worrisome tone said, “We are electables and secured our seats in a direct election despite an anti-popular wave against our party and can do it again if shown the door, while the political pundits know very well the political standing of the new partners of the PML-N”.

Maneka said he and many of his other colleagues had won the last polls in a difficult environment and at least he could grab his seat again if the PML-N made any effort to trick him.

He also indicated at the possibilities of the inclusion of the Likeminded members into the PML-N at the announcement of the next general elections.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Saturday contacted Atta Maneka after his disassociation from the Likeminded and offered him a deal for the next polls.

Sources in the PPP privy to the development told this scribe that prime minister had offered the veteran politician of Pakpattan to join the PPP along with his other disgruntled colleagues in the Unification Bloc with the promise of party ticket and seat adjustment guarantee with the PML-Q.

Moreover, some of the PML-Q leaders feared that PML-N electoral alliance with the Likeminded was aimed at grabbing more electables from the remains of ‘Chaudhrys camp’.