LAHORE – Contrary to the Punjab government’s claims, yellow cabs can hardly be seen at roads and taxi stands of the City, while the unavailability of buses at many routes is further irking the daily commuters.

Despite the investment of Rs. 4.5 billion, the “flagship job creation programme of the Punjab government” in the name of Yellow Cabs Scheme for unemployed youth has brought about no ‘revolution’ in the transport sector. At the time of launching of the programme, the provincial managers had said that yellow cabs would bring about a revolution in transport sector of the province.

“Had the money been invested in public transport sector, affordable and better transport facilities could have been provide at least in two big cities of Punjab,” commented an official of the Punjab Transport Department.

About 8,000 cabs have so far been distributed in Punjab, of them 1,000 in Lahore alone. But, unfortunately, these cabs are not being used as taxis and their owners are using them for personal work.

Sources said that yellow cabs were neither seen at taxi stands of the City nor on any route. Officials of the Punjab government seeking anonymity said that the government had launched the scheme only for political purposes and it had many flaws.