Two Presiding Officers on Sunday were handcuffed while arrest warrants of 28 others were issued for delaying the results of general elections 2013.

According to details, Assistant Prof Nasir Mehmood, Presiding Officer of National Assembly constituency NA-119 deployed at polling station No 94 delayed the election results for more than 13 hours.

On complaint of District Returning Officer (DRO) the accused was arrested.

Assistant Prof Nasir Mehmood was of the opinion that he is diabetes patient and went to home as he was not feeling well which resulted in delay of results.

After his arrest Presiding Officers continued submitting election result with Returning Officers.

Meanwhile, District Returning Officer (DRO) issued arrest warrants against 19 Presiding Officers of different polling stations in Lahore. The Presiding Officers are accused of not providing results from their polling stations till the filing of this report.

The Returning Officer has ordered police to arrest the Presiding Officers and present them at the earliest.

Meanwhile, District Returning Officer Bhakkar Zafar Iqbal directed the DPO for arresting nine Presiding Officers of constituency NA-73 for prolonged delay in handing over the results.

In NA-57 Attock Presiding Officer took the votes bag home and slept which resulted in delay of announcing results.

District Returning Officer taking the notice issued his warrants after which police raided his house and arrested him.