The use of narcotics is a great curse for the society. It is increasing and has become a menace for humanity. It seriously affects the nervous system of the user and makes him a burden on the society. In our country, the use of 'heroine' is increasing very rapidly. A survey report shows that our young ones are using different drugs such as opium, charas, bhung and heroine etc. Some of them take these drugs as a fashion while the others are addicted to escape from day to day worries. This problem becomes even more alarming when we know that these drugs are being used by ladies also.

Most of the people fall a prey to the narcotics due to ignorance. They are mostly trapped by drug dealers and once trapped they become a slave of these drugs. These sellers are the enemy of the humanity. They deserve severe punishment and should be openly hanged. It is also an irony of fate that small children are being used to sell narcotics secretly. Recently, the government took serious action against such culprits through a 'Cleanup Operation'. Unfortunately, it was not as successful as expected. However, it has broken the backbone of the supporters of these drugs and good results are expected in near future.


Karachi, May 10.