Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-M) has rejected the election results of various polling stations, demanding recount of votes or fresh polls.

Addressing a hurriedly-called press conference here, BNP-M Vice President Sajid Tareen, PB-5 candidate Akhter Hussain Langov, PB-4 candidate Ahmed Nawaz Baloch and a large number of party workers rejected the election results.

“All the forces deployed for so-called security of polling stations were used to turn the majority of our votes into minority,” Sajid Tareen said, adding BNP-M was punished for its policies and the six-point agenda which it had put before the CJP for putting an end to the atrocities perpetrated on the people of Balochistan. He said that despite troubles from two fronts, the armed groups and the Establishment, BNP-M decided to go for elections to emancipate the people from the clutches of corrupt leaders, supported by the agencies.

He lamented that after the executive committee’s decision to go for the elections, the candidates of BNP-M were targeted and high-profile candidates, including Rauf Mengal, Jahnzeb Baloch and Ahmed Nawaz Baloch, were attacked with bombs on their homes.

He also complained of the late beginning of polling in the areas of Mand, Chaghi, Nushki and Awaran districts and renounced all the results of these districts.

He said majority of BNP-M was changed into minority through a conspiracy, adding their polling agents were beaten and voters prevented from entering the polling stations. He said the Balochistan chief secretary was contacted, who arranged a helicopter to take their polling agents to the polling stations, but the helicopter was fired at and it could not land. “Which are the forces so strong to bar helicopters from landing in the presence of so much security?” he asked. Langov also produced bogus ballet papers, claiming that all these votes were cast in favour of their political opponents in PB-5.

He also showed media people a number of NICs seized by his party workers, allegedly used by their opponents for bogus voting and rigging.

Sajid Tareen, later, demanded the chief justice Pakistan, the Chief Election Commission and the government hold fresh elections in these constituencies transparently.

Meanwhile, members of Muhammad Hassaini Qaumi Ittehad from BP-41 also rejected the election results in Awaran district, saying only 12 votes were cast in the said district on PB-41 and then the polling stations were closed for unknown reasons. They demanded the government conduct fresh elections otherwise they would go on strike.