Our very own Lahore Development Authority that is responsible for taking care of the standard of buildings had one of the deadliest fires erupting. On May 11, this building saw another fire, this time twenty five people lost their lives. Who can we blame? This authority has to keep a check on other buildings and it lacked a fire escape! How much does building a fire escape system cost? The answer must be more than twenty five lives! When will we learn? How many more have to die before it becomes compulsory for every building to have a fire escape as well as fire extinguishers on all floors.

The other thing was seeing the rescue operations, the crew of 1122 did not have a trampoline or a safety net for the people who jumped off the windows? This was strange, as I thought that after the Karachi incident, action would have been taken to provide this safety tool. There need to be real strict check on such incidents, just a ticker on the TV screen saying that “Notice was taken” is not enough for me and I am sure for most of Pakistanis and especially people who lost family members in this inferno.


Lahore, May 10.