The Jamaat-e-Islami has announced to observe Monday as day of mourning, protesting against rigging in the electoral process on May 11 in Karachi.

Addressing a news conference at Idara Noor-e-Haq here Sunday, JI Karachi chief Mohammad Hussain Mehanti said extortionists once again hijacked mandate of the citizens. “The MQM continued its practice of hijacking the electoral process at the gunpoint,” he said adding the JI would stage a protest against the MQM’s undemocratic tactics outside the Press Club.

Mehanti said the JI would not accept fake results, as the MQM was given free hand to carryout rigging. “The irregularities and rigging forced the JI to boycott the electoral process in Karachi. We pay salute to the citizens came out on streets to cast their votes,” he said adding the citizens showed great courage but their right was once again robbed by extortionists and target killers.

“The Election Commission of Pakistan did noting to stop violation of the rules and regulations, which left the JI with no other option but to boycott the elections,” he added.