No country can progress without proper usage of its God given resources; people of Pakistan are facing lots of problems due to misuse of its resources. The government of a country tries to improve the living conditions for its masses, but we have seen the opposite happening in Pakistan. Issues such as building of Kalabagh dam have become political and provincial issues, even though the project is rated as best by scientists and engineers from around the world. Are we not even ready to listen to these experts and instead panders to a certain political group.

The shortage of electricity and its far reaching repercussions have damaged the country and everyone who lives here. It has affected the lives of students, patients, and businessman, industrialists, farmers, laborers, mechanics, house wives etc. It has ruined all industrial progress and brought many factories to a standstill. Be it summer or winter, we face persistent loadshedding, as if now it is a part of our lives. Loadshedding is not due to any lack of resources, but due to corruption, inefficiency, mismanagement and defective planning in WAPDA. What has added to this predicament are incomplete projects, failure to build new ones, misuse of available resources, no generation from atomic and solar energy, lack of consensus and the apathy of the government. If this situation continues sooner or later, the industry of Pakistan will finish, or the industrialists will shift their industries to other countries. As a result unemployment, poverty and terrorism will rule over Pakistan. It is our appeal to the government to take serious steps to increase our power production. Surely there are many other steps that can be taken without going to beg western powers for billions of dollars. If we can build a nuclear bomb, why can’t we get technology or blue prints for a wind turbine or High Effective Solar Panel?


Karachi, April 28.