The Election Commission of Pakistan has compiled 44 general elections results of National Assembly and 120 of the Provincial Assemblies and their details would be released soon.

Secretary ECP Ishtiak Ahmed Khan informed this while addressing a media briefing here on Sunday. He said that the independent candidates would be given the option to join a political party within three days after the issuance of the official notification of the results under the light of Section 39 of the Representation of the People Act (RoPA) 1976.

Moreover, he added, the candidates who had won more than one seats in the general elections would be asked to retain only one seat, as per their will, within three days after the general elections results official announcement while by-elections would be held on the vacated seats within sixty days.

Responding to the reports of delay in results compilation and announcements, the secretary said that the delay was caused because certain rural areas in the provinces like Balochistan were located far way and operational difficulties were being faced in the results transmission from those areas.

The results were being compiled using two methods; under the direct supervision of the returning officers (ROs) and preparation of consolidated results and their inclusion in official gazette by the ECP, Khan informed.

“No one can change the results,” Ishtiak Khan reiterated.

“Under the law, winning candidates have to submit their accounts statements before results are notified in the official gazette. After that, National Assembly would have to meet within 21 days to form a government and candidates have to be chosen for women and minorities-reserved seats,” he added.

The polling in two National Assembly constituencies, NA-32 Kurram Agency and NA 250 Karachi (in 43 constituencies) would be held in ten days. The chief election commissioner has left for Karachi to assess the situation in the city after receiving reports of rigging in some constituencies and he has summoned reports from district election commissioners, the secretary further informed.