ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Chaudhry Zaka Ashraf at one hand takes the credit of being the first person to be elected as head of the PCB going through so-called democratic process but on the other hand, he is not ready at accept any genuine opposition.

Zaka showed worst kind of dictatorship when he imposed ad-hoc set up on four regions including Lahore, Sialkot, Faisalabad and Abbottaabd as these regions refused to be the part of any under the table deal and stressed upon the need to follow the rules and regulations in true letter and spirit.

Although the PCB, while imposing ad-hoc on these regions, gave a very childish reason as according to the PCB, elections were due in these regions that's why ad-hoc was imposed, but a very simple question which the PCB should answer that the elections in these regions were long overdue, why such a hurry was shown all of a sudden. The PCB should have followed democratic norms and courage of bearing healthy criticism.

Zaka has also convened an emergency PCB governing body members meeting in Lahore as he was fully aware of the fact that his party has been facing worst defeat in the elections, that was the main reason, he went through self-styled elections in a hurry to hush things and make sure he would remain at the helm of affairs for at least four more years. His appointment is already challenged in Lahore High Court by two regions and also by Rashid Latif in Sindh High Court. It is very likely he will have to face the music and court may overturn the entire election process as some serious and genuine concerns were shown by different regions. The PCB should use commons sense and immediately call a meeting of all the regions and lift ad-hoc from the four regions without any delay and show through their actions not words that they are following the rules and regulations.