ISLAMABAD - The Representatives of All Pakistan Professors and Lecturers Association (APPLA) met Federal Minister for Education Baleegh-ur-Rehman with a list of demands that various governments before principally had agreed upon but for one or other reason could not be materialized so far.

Prof. Zahid Sheikh, President APPLA presented the demands to the minister for education. President APPLA Dr Zahid Ahmed Sheikh told the minister that the college teachers across Pakistan demanded that the federal government should withdraw the decision of reducing the tax rebate from 75 per cent to 40 per cent, because the reduction of tax rebate is adversely affecting the financial condition of the teaching community.

The second demand presented to the minister was the merger of all the ad hoc allowances given time to time into the basic pay scale to alleviate the problems of teachers. The third demand of the teachers submitted to the minister was one time up-gradation of the college teachers, this policy of government has already implemented at school level in federal government schools.

The minister was told that one time upgradation policy is in effect in the universities also, but the college teachers have been denied of this policy measure.

The Federal Minister for Education Baleegh-ur-Rehman said that he was pleased to have a meeting with the teachers because "they are true builders of the future of the nation". He talked at length about the national policy of the government of PML (N) for education. He assured the representatives of teachers from across the country that he would personally see into the demands of the teachers because there was nothing unrealistic about them and they are the just demands.

The minister said that he understands that unless teachers are empowered and freed of the clutches of financial burden no policy howsoever excellent and promising can be fruitful. Prof. Mahmood Ali Khokher, President Federal Government College Teachers association (FGCTA) local unit H-8 told the minister that earlier it was the policy that Executive members of the Federal Board were selected from among the F.G. College teachers but now it seems that the governments have lost faith in the potential of the college teachers and requested the minister that this window of opportunity should be opened for the college teachers.

The minister asked that demands to this effect should be submitted to his office so that he could take it into due consideration.

All the representatives of the teachers from across the country expressed their pleasure at the keenness demonstrated by the Federal Minister for Education and the way he listened to their just demands.  

Later on, the delegation met Minister for Housing and Works Akram Khan Durrani. Professor Nasrullah Khan Yousafzai, General Secretary of APPLA presented the demand of allocation of residential plots for college teachers.

He assured that the residential colonies would be established in the federal capital and provincial capitals. He demanded the delegation to collect/prepare the data of all the college teachers working in capital and provinces so that the residential colonies can be planned. In this regard minister assured that he would direct the Director General to coordinate the association.