LAHORE - A woman professor filed a petition in the Lahore High Court seeking action against a veterinary doctor for injecting a wrong injection to her pet cat.

Attiya Masood Ch, an assistant professor, told the judge that her pet cat died from wrong injection. She pleaded the judge that doctor’s negligence took her pet’s life. She requested the judge to take action against the doctor and order police to register FIR against him.

Dr Masood, an assistant professor at Punjab University, says her 18-month-old pet cat fell ill on January 18, after which she requested the vet to pay a house call to conduct a check-up for the feline.

Masood alleges she paid Anees Rs6,000 per visit, but the vet charged Rs25,000 for this particular visit. She said she paid him Rs10,000, but Dr Anees insisted on her paying the additional Rs15,000 during the check-up.

She alleges that after her refusal to pay the amount, he gave her cat five injections of Zintac and put the cat on a drip, after which the cat died.

The LHC has accepted the petition and will decide on the registration of a case today (Wednesday).