Islamabad - The National Book Day Festival with the theme “Book and Peace Go Together” was celebrated under the auspices of National Book Foundation with tributes and accolades paid to the renowned national and overseas writers, poets and legendary literary figures.

Organised at the Pak-China Friendship Centre, the objective of five-day book festival was to woo young generation towards positive engagements, foster harmony and affection in the social fabric and promote healthy propensity for the posterity.

Different books pertaining to encyclopedia, history, sports, general knowledge, poetry, prose and other interesting subjects were displayed at the book fair.  The colorful activities of the book festival celebrations included book parade, bands display carrying banners and placards with the slogans for promotion of book culture, national anthem and book flag hoisting besides a book fair.

 Educationists, academicians, writers, poets and intellectuals called upon the national leadership on the occasion to provide subsidy on books and note books to promote reading habits in the society. They also advised the students to adopt book reading habit.  Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the National Book Festival, the speakers expressed that Pakistan’s identity in the world was changing and it was being realized now that Pakistan was part of the solution, not part of the problem.

They further said that this change was impossible without contribution rendered by poets, writers and literary figures.

Traditional face and posture of a moderate, peace-loving and education-friendly Pakistan, they viewed was needed to be forcefully projected across the globe.

authors of books, famous writers, intellectuals, renowned poets, showbiz stars and personalities from different walks of life transformed the festival into faucet of amusement, knowledge, information and healthy engagements.