This is about the reports about Imam Al-Haram Mecca’s visit to Pakistan, allegedly at the invitation of a very controversial land mafia tycoon, involved in numerous scams. A close relative of mine has been a victim of DHA Valley Islamabad, a project with which this tycoon was associated. He was involved in depriving thousands of middle class families of their life savings. It is estimated that almost Rs150 billion were deposited by the public in the hope of getting 5 and 8 Marla plot through balloting, that was advertised to be a project of DHA Islamabad, remains unaccounted for since 2011, when successful allottee would have got possession after payment of all dues.

The Imam Kaaba is revered by Muslims all over the world but he must evaluate credentials and integrity of those on whose invitation he visits various countries. Building mosques from money which has been taken by fraud from the common man is not condoned in Islam or any other religion.


Malaysia, May 7.