LAHORE - The lawyers’ community on Tuesday adopted a resolution against May 12, 2007 carnage, and demanded the government to hold inquiry to bring all responsible to justice.  

The resolution was adopted in a joint meeting of Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) and Lahore High Court Bar Association on Tuesday to condemn the carnage. The house demanded to the PBC, Sindh Bar Council and Singh High Court Bar Association to raised funds for the heirs of the deceased family. In the end, participants offered fateha for departed souls.

Earlier to denounce the military dictator’s action against superior judiciary boycotted the courts proceedings. The black flags were hoisted at bar council and bar associations’ buildings and lawyers were wearing black bands.  

A Britain-based Pakistani lawyers’ Association also condemned the incident. Association president Barrister Amjad Malik said that May 12th would always be remembered and the lawyers would continue marking it as a Black-Day.  He said the lawyers always sacrificed for the supremacy of law and justice in the country.

Meanwhile, Association of Pakistani lawyers president Younas Nool said that the lawyers community was sad over Naltar incident which took many previous lives. He appreciated Pak Army for making efforts to save lives at Naltar.